P. P. Patel & Co is committed to satisfy customers by supplying high quality powders at competitive price. To achieve this we would adopt the following measures:

    • Cost effective measures by continuously upgrading system and technology
    • Timely delivery of schedule
    • Improving competence & skills of all employees by appropriate training and motivation.
    • Reducing customer complaints
    • Improving production system for better & cleaner working environment

To understand, implement and maintain this quality policy at all levels of organization, the ‘Quality Policy’ is communicated as below:

    • Quality Policy boards are displayed at various locations.
    • Quality manual is issued to departments.
    • Training programs are arranged on the subject ‘Quality Policy and Quality Objectives’.
  1. Meeting the metal standards in addition to customers’ specific requirement
  2. Cost effective measurement measures by continuously upgrading systems and technology
  3. Optimum plant utilization by product mix
  4. To meet our delivery schedules
  5. Improving the competence and skill of all employees by appropriate training and motivation.
  6. Quality indicators are determined to make quality objectives measurable and consistent with quality policy. These quality objectives are discussed in Management Review meeting. To monitor the performance with respect to quantified targets.
  7. Action are planned and implemented in case of poor performance.

Quality management system planning effective implementation of quality management system is ensured through :

    • Conducting management review meeting ( MRM)
    • Review of quality management system
    • Review of customer complaint / feedback

The integrity of quality management system is maintained when changes to quality management system are planned and implemented by reviewing and revising relevant procedures or part of procedures