P. P. Patel & Co. has three divisions viz. Tobacco, Powder Metallurgy & Construction. The Powder Division was established and inaugurated on 19th December, 1996 by Dr. Ing. Lothar Albano-Mueller, the then, President of European Powder Metallurgy Association.

P. P. Patel & Co. has considerably grown over the past 17 years, devoting every year a high percentage of its budget to research and development, which allows the company to continually improve its processes and its product.

P. P.Patel & Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of Copper and Copper based alloys. PPP is ideal supplier for companies developing powder based products and processes. This diversity brings with it the experience to truly tailor the product to the customer’s specific requirements.

You tell us what constitutes a superior powder for your need and we will produce the nearest practical equivalent achievable by Copper Reduction or Electrolytic method with handling capacity of large and small orders at ease.

If optimum powder product for your application is not known, we will help you establish it by producing small quantity experimental for your evaluation. One of the key features of our organization is the ability to maximize the production yield of powders within the different particle size ranges required for different applications.